Rank Higher And Market Smarter With Content, SEO, And Inbound Marketing
Gabriel Garcia, Florida Cash Home Buyers
We’ve been #1 on Google for “We buy houses Miami” since we began working with Dave in 2012. This past year we closed our biggest wholesale deals ever from SEO…one of them was a 75k profit. This stuff works.
This is How You Do One to Two Deals A Month With SEO
Our SEO service is exclusive to OnCarrot members who are serious about generating leads online from organic search rankings.  Our marketing experts will dive in and personalize your OnCarrot websites with the info you provide us to help you get setup fast.  Once that's complete we'll be able to quickly move into the marketing and localized search engine optimization phase. This is the closest thing you as a real estate investor can get to fully managed Localized SEO service – without any Hocus Pocus. 

You’ll know exactly what we are doing and what you’ll be getting...

Localized City Specific Keyword Rich Pages

This is the secret sauce to getting quick rankings in the search engines.  Get more traffic to your website with city specific landing pages for the areas you invest in.  You'll get 10 city / location specific pages for your website.  Example – “We Buy Houses Houston”, "Sell Your House Fast Katy".  Most investors are losing out on precious traffic and leads because their website is too focused on just 1 city or location...this marketing strategy fixes that.

Citation Building Service

Citation Building is a great way to build your SEO link profile and get more online exposure. A citation is a listing on a website that lists your company name, phone number, address, website, and often times other basic business info.  It's one of the first things we recommend to any real estate investor who wants to rank well in Google for local search terms like “sell my house fast Houston".  We’ll create 30 Local Directory Citations for your business.

Natural Link Building Package

Awesome In-Content Links. Get quality contextual Link Building to boost your real estate investor website and it's ranking in the Search Engines.  We focus on creating a natural Link Structure that follows exactly the path of viral content on the web. This is a fine-tuned link building system, constantly being refined and built with high quality industry relevant content. This is our secret sauce when it comes to out-flanking the competition in the search results.

Blog Posts - Fresh Original Content

The search engines love fresh original content and we will be delivering "we buy houses" relevant content rich SEO targeted blog posts every month for 6 months.  It's the easiest way to get great articles posted to your blog. You no longer have to come up with ideas, contract writers, go through the editing process or worry about how to publish them.  You'll get 4 blog posts each month published right to your OnCarrot website.
Don't Let This Exclusive Opportunity Pass You By
Tap into my years of experience so you can dominate your market, gain an unfair advantagedo more deals with less money,  lower your cost per deal and increase your ROI.  
Get All The Bells & Whistles
We made REI Rank the best possible product for you: It includes all the bells and whistles you need to rank high in the search engines.

Monthly Rank Tracking and Reporting for 12 Months

We deliver a distribution report in about 30 days after you order and because you'll continue to see even more links come in for months afterwards we also set you up with our monthly rank tracking service.  Every Friday we'll send you a report of where you stand in the search rankings.  We will track 10 different localized keywords you are targeting on your website.

Monthly Zoom Meeting

While your localized real estate investor SEO  is being implemented you'll get a monthly Zoom meeting with Dave.  Dave will spend up to 30 minutes with you to discuss rankings, strategies, content creation and suggestions to your website.  You'll learn step by step exactly what to do moving forward when it comes to content marketing.
Henry Owens, St Louis Realty Advisors
Not only does Dave know about websites but he's an expert at SEO too. My website was ranking on the top pages of Google just days after he launched my site. Truly phenomenal results.
Rank In Google For More Leads & Deals
REI RANK is an exclusive SEO package for serious real estate investors who are looking to dominate their local market & generate leads online from SEO.
We are already working Exclusively with Investor Clients in South Florida, Atlanta, and New York markets.  
Do not proceed below if you are in one of those markets. We only work with one investor per any given market.
6 month Plan
Billed One Time.  $3,000 OFF

Monthly plan
Billed Monthly For 6 Months

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